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Grey to Green? China’s urban landscapes appear to be the antithesis of green: smog, foul-smelling streams and canals, roads jammed with exhaust-belching cars, shoddy buildings erected with little heed to building codes. But growing public discontent with the urban environment is beginning to change at least the rhetoric of officials, and in some cities their actions as well. In recent years about a third of China’s 600-plus municipalities have announced plans to turn themselves into eco-cities. Will the dream come true?

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Law to Action? China’s new environmental protection law, which stirred great controversy during its amendment process, has finally been passed. The updated law makes significant progress in the area of public interest litigation and strengthens the legislative tools to punish polluters. But it fails to answer a key question: how to get local officials to enforce the rules effectively?

Sleeping Giant. The growing activism of China's workers, and now some trade unionists, clearly presents a challenge to the multinationals that have been doing business in the mainland largely unhindered for the past three decades. Many international companies, like Walmart, are restructuring or "rationalising" their businesses in China but the workers are refusing to be dictated to. They are demanding proper compensation for their contribution. In China, labour activism is waking up.

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Since December 2008 CSR China has been working with GTZ to help thirty factories in Hebei province and Wenzhou to develop and implement a CSR strategy.

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